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How To Start Your Business? Part 9

How To Start Your Business?

This is a 10 part series where we will guide you on all the aspects that you should keep in mind while starting a business.

Part 9:

You have now enabled Google Analytics on your website and you should have started getting data on your Google Analytics dashboard. Now let’s see how you can set up your email accounts. There are various ways in which you can set up your email account. Let us have a look at these ways in this post.

  1. Use the Email Service of Domain Provider: Generally, every domain provider will provide you with 2 to 5 email accounts with every domain registered. This is generally complimentary. But some companies do not provide it, and instead, charge a low fee for access to the emails. The email accounts given by the domain provider are pretty basic and if you are not looking to spend much, are a good choice. You will get around 100 MB of storage mostly per email account. You can easily store about 2500 emails using the 100 MB storage. While this is just a rough estimate, it can vary according to the text, attachments, etc. But all in all, it is a good solution for either FREE or a low amount.
  2. Use Hosted Email of your Hosting Company: If you want more space or storage and want some type of SLA, then select an email service from your hosting company. Generally, most of the hosting companies have email only solutions for their customers. These are cheap, and will start at around 50 cents / 20 INR and will go up to a dollar / 65 INR. You will easily get around 5 GB of storage on the cheaper plan with IMAP access, so you can sync the emails on your phone or laptop using Outlook or similar program. They will also provide you with a 99.9% uptime SLA with this plan. Now if you are spending around a dollar or 65 INR per email account per month, you will be given a generous 15GB of storage, a portal to manage your documents for online editing, and much more. This will be their enterprise plan with all the bells and whistles.
  3. G Suite / Microsoft Email Solution: You have already used Gmail or Outlook till now and know how well organized these services are. Similar is with G-Suite and Microsoft’s Office 365 solution. You get everything plus 30 GB of storage on G Suite and 50 GB on Microsoft’s solution. Microsoft bundles Office 365 with their email plans too. Also, if you buy their business or enterprise solutions you will have unlimited storage. Plans start from $6 a month or 210 INR for India.

These are the most popular email solutions that are used by companies today. You can also use Zoho which is a good provider in the Email Hosting circle. Do note that their FREE plan doesn’t offer IMAP and POP access, so you won’t be able to use your favorite email client. Their paid plans though include access to both IMAP and POP.

That’s all for this post.

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