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How To Start Your Business? Part 8

How To Start Your Business?

This is a 10 part series where we will guide you on all the aspects that you should keep in mind while starting a business.

Part 8:

Now that you have your social accounts set up, let us discuss on the next step that you should be working upon. You should always know where your customers are coming from, what are they doing on your website, how much time they were on your website, which page they went to after the homepage, how much time the user took to buy, etc.

These are very small but important things and every business should be aware of these steps. To make sure you understand your users, you will need to analyze all the data from various different key points and then make it presentable. Well, this may sound tuff or hard when you hear it for the first time, but it is not that hard. Let us see which programs can help us solve the above questions.

There are a lot of Analytics programs out there, which will help you understand your customer behavior. But Google Analytics is the tool that is used by over 70% of the websites on the internet today. This is because everyone knows the power of Google, the simplicity of their platform to understand different points, the way you can see the results in a very simple way, and more.

You can signup for a Google Analytics account here. Then you can go ahead and add your website, and Google will present you with a code which you can then paste in your head section of the website, or if you have a WordPress website, you can use a plugin to authorize your website. Once, done, in the next 24 hours you should start seeing data in your Google Analytics console.

You can now add Google’s tracking to your links so that you can view your traffic sources too. Their system will provide you with a lot of information on your users, their metrics, etc. If you have an online store, then you can also track your sales, conversions, etc. using Google Analytics.

That’s all for this post. If you have any questions, doubts please feel free to comment below.

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