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How To Start Your Business? Part 7

How To Start Your Business?

This is a 10 part series where we will guide you on all the aspects that you should keep in mind while starting a business.

Part 7:

Now that you have a great looking website, let us concentrate on what you need to know about and how to get Social Marketing done. Social marketing today is very important and every business needs it every time. If people have a positive sentiment towards your business on your social media, you are definitely going to grow.

Let us discuss in detail, how you can proceed with social marketing for your business.

The first and most important step in social marketing is to create accounts/pages on the most popular social networks, Facebook Page, Twitter Account and Instagram account. For starters, these three are the best from where you can get a lot of business.

  1. Creating a Facebook page is simple and you will need to enter some information about your business, select your business category, etc. Once that’s done Facebook will guide you on how to upload your Business Logo for the page, set up a cover photo, add business hours, add your business location, phone number, email address, etc. These fields are important and should always be filled by everyone. This helps your customer or future customer to know that the brand or business is genuine and has all the details.
  2. While creating a Twitter account you will need to verify your email and may even require to give a phone number. Twitter also will help you upload photos for your profile, a cover photo, a short bio. You will also be able to set the colors according to your business’s primary color. Once you start posting, you can request Twitter to verify your account, so you can get a blue tick beside your Twitter username. This will let customers know that this is an Authorized Brand Page, and they can tweet about you easily using your username for mentions, DM’s, etc.
  3. Similarly, you can also create an account on Instagram. Instagram has been famous for a long time now, and mostly all businesses have accounts via Instagram. Do note that Instagram allows you to post only one URL that too in your BIO only. This has been done to reduce spammy links on the platform. Here you can put stories, upload videos, etc. about your business and people come to know about your activities easily.

So now that you have created an account on all these three platforms, we would suggest you post on these platforms as frequently as possible. Daily would be a good thing, to keep your followers, informed about your new products, offers, etc. We would also suggest that you run certain offers, on these platforms, so your users feel rewarded for following you on social media.

That’s all people, for this post. If you have any questions, doubts, and suggestions, please feel free to comment below.

Photo by Adam Jang on Unsplash

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