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How to Start Your Business? Part 2

How to Start Your Business?

This is a 10 part series where we will guide you on all the aspects that you should keep in mind while starting a business.

Part 2:

Now that you are certain that your idea is going to work and you have the points, which will help your users be more satisfied as compared to the other companies or your competitors. Well so let’s start with what all you will need when you are going to start your business.

The first and most important thing is the business name. You need to have a name that feels good to ears and your customers should easily remember it. If a customer is confused and doesn’t remember your business name, there is a chance that he may in the future forget about your business. So it is important to have a good business name. If you are looking to start a business online then one more important thing to take a note of is a domain name. (We will discuss this point in the coming parts in detail.)

Secondly, every country has different rules and regulations for starting a business. Some countries allow starting a business as a small home business, without registering it and some countries have strict policies on starting and registering your business. You will need to Google a bit, about the requirements needed to start a business in your country or area. You will find a lot of quality information, and there will be a lot of companies, who may even help you with the paperwork. Mostly, in all countries, the paperwork and setup cost for a small business owner is minimal, to let businesses thrive. So go check out online, and if you think you are having some trouble finding reliable information online, there are your friends, relatives, colleagues, who may have gone through the process. They may guide you better.

So now that you have a name and your business set up with the authorities, it’s time to move towards the third part of the series. Check our next part for more information on how to register your domain name.


Photo by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash

Ankit Suryawanshi

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