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How To Start Your Business?

How To Start Your Business?

This is a 10 part series where we will guide you on all the aspects that you should keep in mind while starting a business.

Part 10:

This is the last part of the series How To Start Your Business? We have come across a number of posts and requirements, that will help you start your business successfully. We have covered only the main points in these series, which are required to start your business. A deeper dive on each and every article is required and we will do it in the next few weeks.

In this last part, we will discuss the importance of Marketing. The marketing of your business is very necessary and it will help people know about your brand, your services, your products, etc. A simple equation is the more people come to know about your business, the more your business will grow. You need to have a clear marketing strategy before taking the plunge through. It is not about the right or wrong marketing strategy, because not every strategy will suit business, but having one is important. So let’s see in this post, how you can do some good marketing with the tools available on the web.

  1. Social Media Marketing: Today social media marketing is considered as one of the most important aspects of marketing. Each and every company today wants to make sure that they have a presence on social media and people follow them, comment on their tweets/posts, like their services, leave reviews, etc. This is because a person signing up for a service is more likely to use the service if he can see real people are liking the service of a particular company. So companies, strive hard to keep their social media users happy as much as they can. This is because if a user receives sub-par service, and cannot get through support, posts a review on social media, the company can damage its image. So it is very necessary that you keep your customers on social media happy. For marketing, this is like a step 1. You can then run competitions, giveaways, discounts for social media users, etc. This will keep the people engaged and will promote your brand more.
  2. Email Marketing: Many people say that email marketing is a dead horse. But it is not. Today everyone gets around several emails each day. But do people read all these emails? Well, email open rate is around 25-30% and click rate goes to around 3-5%. Seeing this you might think, that this too low, but it is still better than Paid Ads conversion rate which hovers around 1-2% only. If your emails have great content and your subscribers find them useful, then they will definitely convert to buyers. We would definitely suggest you try Email Marketing, and if you send out great content, you will surely be increasing your customer base.
  3. SMS Marketing: SMS Marketing is not for every business or website out there. This is because, if you are a blogger you cannot send out SMS’s to people saying you have a new article and they should read it. SMS Marketing is highly targeted marketing and should be used with care. When a person receives an SMS, there is a high chance that he will read it, and if he finds it interesting he will click on the link provided. But if you send out SMS every day, for the same service, the prospect might become frustrated, and never try your service. He might also tell many people about it and it will hurt your business. So SMS Marketing should be used with care, only when you know that the prospect is interested in your product.

So this sums up this post about marketing. We are now sure you have a basic idea on how to start your business and get it going. We will keep posting more articles which will have more in-depth knowledge about a few more business practices. So, subscribe to our blog to keep receiving notifications about new posts and articles.

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